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Simple Tips to Pamper Your Feet at Home with Hot Water

| Thursday December 12, 2019
Simple tips to pamper your feet at home with hot water

We usually go to great lengths to take care of our hair, complexion, face, hands, and other parts of our body. But what about our feet? Just because we can’t always and easily reach our feet, it doesn’t mean that we should neglect them. After all, it is important to attend to them, for they are the ones who take us everywhere we want to go. That is why we need to pamper them daily. But how?

You may be astounded to hear that all we need is just hot water. Here are four simple ways:

  • Wash them with warm water

    Wash your feet with warm or hot water, and don’t forget to clean between your toes. While washing them, why not go the extra mile by giving your tired feet some gentle massages. And, when finished, remember to dry them completely before putting on socks.

  • Exfoliate them

    Your feet also need some exfoliation. Simply soak them in a small tub with hot water to soften the skin before using a special scrub to get rid of dead skin.

  • Avoid wearing the same shoes every day

    As often as possible, alternate your shoes, for they need time to ventilate, minimise fungus growth and reducing bad odours. If you do end up with smelly feet, try soak them in hot water with vinegar.

Although simple, these tips can go a long way in pampering your feet, keeping them healthy, soft and happy! Unsure where to get hot water from? Check out Rheem’s range of innovative and quality water heating products. Learn more!



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