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Electric Storage Water Heaters

Electric Storage Water Heaters

An electric storage water heater is a shower appliance that turns water hot using a water heater tank. This means that water is heated in a storage tank first. When users turn on the faucet using a mixer, hot water is being mixed with room temperature water so that warm water comes out. While a storage tank heater tends to take a longer time to heat water up, storage water heaters typically provides a better water pressure and more consistent water temperature, thus giving you a quality shower experience – even when several bathrooms share the same water heater. For additional comfort, install a rain shower set together with your storage water heater.

Are you looking for a reliable and quality storage water heater in Singapore? With our advanced technology and innovation, the reliability, safety and durability of our storage water heaters are continuously improving. We use only high quality materials on our products for a longer life span. For instance, the storage tank is coated with exclusive vitreous enamel to resist corrosion and support high working pressure. For added durability, we included a long-lasting incoloy heating element and resistored magnesium anode in our storage water heaters. Furthermore, safety is another highlight of our products. High precision thermostat with thermal cut out and pressure relief valve can prevent the storage heater from overheat and overpressure. In addition, to help you conserve energy consumption we applied high density CFC free polyurethane foam with epoxy coated jacket outside of our storage tanks to minimize heat energy loss.

Types of Our Storage Heater in Singapore

Here at Rheem Singapore, we provide various sizes, shapes and capacity of storage heaters in order to cater to your needs. In Singapore, as most of the bathrooms are relatively small in size such as a HDB or residential condominium units, a typical 10-30 litre storage capacity are the most popular choice for small families. There are different shapes for you to choose such as squarish, rectangular or cylindrical to fit for various mounting surface in your bathroom. Check out Rheem’s range of storage water heaters or contact any of our authorized dealers in Singapore!

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