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What Storage Tank Capacity Do I Need For A Family Of 4?

| Friday May 12, 2023

Choosing the right storage tank capacity for your household is important for many reasons. Some of the most important benefits of installing a storage water heater that is the right size is that it allows you to enjoy a sufficient hot water supply during your hot shower. On top of that, the right storage water capacity can also ensure that the appliance is as energy-efficient as possible for your household and also that your purchase is cost-effective in the long run.

The Science of How Shower Thoughts Spark Your Most Creative Ideas

| Thursday March 16, 2023

Ever had a eureka moment during one of your showers? Perhaps you’ve noticed that some of your most creative ideas seem to come to you when you’re lathering up. If so, you’re not alone! Many people experience this phenomenon commonly referred to as ‘shower thoughts’ – which are moments of unexpected and often profound thinking that occur during mundane activities like taking a shower.

While many shower thoughts are random and,

How to do laundry the proper way

| Wednesday February 8, 2023

Kick off the new year by taking control of your laundry routine and setting the stage for a fresh and organized year. Not only will proper laundry practices keep your clothes looking their best, but it can also save you money and resources in the long run. Follow these simple guidelines for a hassle-free laundry experience that will leave your clothes sparkling clean and in great condition.

Know the Laundry Symbols

Laundry symbols are a crucial tool for ensuring your clothes are properly cared for.

Relook into your shower habits this new year

| Wednesday February 8, 2023

Are you ready to make this year your best yet? As we turn the page on the calendar and say goodbye to the old, it’s time to set our sights on the future and all the possibilities it holds. Whether it’s shedding some extra pounds, pumping up those muscles, or simply shaking up your daily routine, the start of a new year is the perfect time to take a good look at our current habits and make some positive changes.

3 main benefits of taking warm showers or baths

| Thursday November 3, 2022

As we approach the colder seasons of the year in Singapore, we usually find ourselves enjoying lower temperatures and rainier days. Once we reach November, we tend to start pulling out our long-sleeved shirts and the jackets we had buried at the back of our closets. The months of November and December are definitely some of the more enjoyable months in Singapore, giving us a reprieve from the usual humid and scorching hot days.

Top 5 Water-Saving Hacks to Beat Inflation

| Wednesday June 29, 2022

Inflation is inevitable, and it’s a hot topic right now across the globe. The US is possibly heading into a recession with an inflation rate hike hitting 75 basis points, and the world is in economic gloom due to supply chain issues and the lurking war between Ukraine and Russia is also affecting the entire world.

Thus, to better survive the looming inflationary pressures that we may be facing in the near future,

4 Long Term Investments for Your Homes

| Friday May 27, 2022

In the process of building and designing our dream homes, there is always a focus on selecting items that suit a particular aesthetic and vibe. And while there are no issues with investing in more affordable home systems and technologies, appliances, and furniture to attain the cohesive look you’re looking for, one factor that should never be compromised on when purchasing any item for your home is quality.

Investing in high-quality,

5 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Safer For Your Family

| Thursday April 21, 2022

Did you know that 80% of falls in homes happen in the bathroom? Injuries from such incidents can range from minor scratches to broken bones and even fatal head and spinal injuries. The data is alarming. That’s why you need to take the extra mile to safeguard your bathroom.

Below are five practical tips to protect you and your family from common bathroom injuries.

1.  Keep Your Bathroom Dry

A dry bathroom not only lowers the risk of accidents but also prevents germs and bacteria from thriving.

5 tips to make your bathroom feel more spacious!

| Monday March 14, 2022

HDB houses might have limited space, but that doesn’t mean you can’t trick one’s eyes. When it comes to your bathroom, you probably think it is hopeless to even try, and that you would have to settle for a plain-looking and tiny space for the rest of your life. Well, you are wrong, for we have here a handful of tips that can make your bathroom look more spacious, and even, luxurious.

Choose The Right Type Of Mirror

This interior design tip has helped many homeowners with small spaces.

BTO Getting too Small? Make Your Spaces Bigger!

| Thursday September 23, 2021
BTO getting too small make your spaces bigger banner

Due to Singapore’s land scarcity, space is always expensive. In contrast to today, the size of our parents’ homes was considerably more extensive than what we are getting today. We wouldn’t be surprised if our Built-to-Order (BTO) apartments continue to get smaller over time.

Even though we can’t control how much space we can get for our BTO apartments, we can control what happens in the flats. In other words, your BTO apartment can appear larger than it actually is just by using simple tricks to make it feel bigger at home.

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