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Heat Pump Water Heaters

Heat Pump Water Heaters

What is Heat Pump Water Heater

A heat pump is a hot water boiler heating system that draws heat from its immediate surrounding to heat water up. Just like how refrigerators extract heat from within its box and expel the heat out, heat pump water heaters work the opposite way; it draws heat from its surrounding to heat the water.

Although the price of heat pump water heaters is more expensive than conventional electric and gas water heaters, the amount of savings from the energy bill is greater in the long run when using heat pump water heaters. This is because they draw heat from their surroundings, so they do not consume much electricity and generate much heat on their own. This explains why heat pump water heaters are generally known to be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Our heat pump water heaters are designed with leading technology, heating mechanism, and includes energy saving, safety precaution and smart controls to make the heat pump water heaters work harder for you and your business. Check out their product features and contact us for more information.

Heat Pump Water Heater for residential or commercial use?

Due to spatial constraints, most residential household in Singapore may not be able to fit a heat pump water heater. In Singapore context, more often than not, heat pump water heaters are used for commercial or industrial purposes such as club houses, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, manufacturing factories, etc.

As it is important to make sure that your heat pump water heaters remain in good and workable condition, our own professional and well trained servicing team will be on standby to provide after-sales servicing, if you ever need it. Besides, we also provide proper training to our authorized dealers regularly in order to make sure that they are updated with our latest product knowledge and equip them with the skills to install our water heaters properly and safely.

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