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Electric Instant Water Heater with Advanced Anti-Bacteria Technology

| Friday January 5, 2024

Amidst a landscape where health and safety dominate our priorities, the demand for bacteria-free water is non-negotiable. Rheem, a pioneer in water heating solutions, introduces its latest innovation — the cutting-edge instant water heater equipped with an advanced anti-bacteria function. In this blog, we will explore this advanced technology, along with other outstanding features that set a high standard for keeping water safe at home.

Unveiling the Royal Series:

Featuring prominently in Rheem’s groundbreaking lineup are the three new electric instant water heaters from the Royal Series: Royal Platinum Instant Water Heater, Royal Plus Instant Water Heater, and Royal Instant Water Heater. Each model in this series encapsulates Rheem’s commitment to redefining the standards of water safety and innovation.

AG+ Antibacterial Technology at the Helm:

One of the main features of the electric instant water heaters from Royal Series is the powerful AG+ technology, known for its exceptional antibacterial performance. As water flows through the electric instant water heater, both the inlet and outlet pipes are lined with AG+ technology, creating a robust defense against bacteria and providing optimal antibacterial protection. This technology rigorously tested and approved by accredited laboratories, effectively eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, showcasing Rheem’s commitment to delivering not just hot water but also impeccably safe water.

Mitigating Health Risks:

In a bustling city like Singapore, where health is a priority concern, Rheem’s Anti-Bacteria Function emerges as a proactive measure to mitigate health risks associated with waterborne diseases. Beyond providing a source of hot water, Rheem’s commitment extends to safeguarding the health of every individual relying on its revolutionary water heaters.

Peace of Mind for Singaporean Families:

For families in Singapore, Rheem’s Anti-Bacteria Function brings the assurance of a sanitary water supply for personal hygiene. The peace of mind derived from knowing that every drop of water is free from harmful bacteria adds an extra layer of security to the daily lives of Singaporean households.

As Singapore continues its fast-paced journey, Rheem stands as a steadfast companion, ensuring that every home remains a sanctuary of health and well-being. Elevating this commitment, the electric instant water heater from the Royal Series offers various advanced features, providing peace of mind for Singaporean families.

In addition, the Royal Series electric instant water heaters are crafted with ABS Casing, which serves as a protective armor, extending the lifespan of the water heater, all the while seamlessly integrating into the modern home environment. It transcends mere functionality, doubling as a stylish addition that harmonizes effortlessly with the aesthetics of your living space. For an extra touch of sophistication, selected models boast Rainbow Finishing, infusing an element of elegance into your surroundings. These meticulous design elements collectively transform your water heater into more than just an appliance—it becomes a statement piece, marrying practicality with the art of contemporary living.

Transform your daily showering routine with the electric instant water heater from the Royal Series. Besides the exceptional antibacterial technology, enjoy the convenience of the digital display and the tranquility of the whisper-quiet DC Pump, ensuring effortless temperature monitoring and a serene environment. Interested to explore more? Contact us now to discover the full range of innovative products available in the Royal Series that bring a new level of comfort to your home.


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