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Electric Instant Water Heaters

Electric Instant Water Heaters

Looking for the best instant water heater brand in Singapore? With close to 100 years of history and knowledge in water heating, Rheem is confident of providing you with the right electric water heater that suits your needs.

Our Prestige Platinum Instant Water Heater in Singapore market is one that will surely give you the best shower experience you could ever ask for. With a Touch sensitive LCD display, as well as temperature accuracy (+/- 1°C) at steady state, this is definitely the best instant water heater in Singapore that you need for a comfortable shower experience. Learn more features of this product at https://www.rheemsingapore.com/product/prestige-platinum-instant-shower/.

How to choose the best instant electric water heater?

There are various instant heaters available in Singapore. You may have difficulties finding the most suitable and reliable one. Apart from the different brands of the instant water heater, what are the other factors that you need to consider? Most of the customers prefer an instant water heater because of its convenience. You can get hot water shower immediately once you switched on the heater. And of course, you can save the electricity consumption as you can switch off the heater immediately after use. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about heating excess water as there is no storage tank. So, no wastage of hot water caused. What’s more? Our instant water heaters are made with the most advanced technology and premium material, the functionality, stability and safety of the products are guaranteed to give you the best shower experience at home. Our customers who purchased Rheem’s product gave positive feedback on its quality and value for money products.

In addition, we have the best servicing team to provide you the after sales service covered under the product’s warranty. Please register your products’ warranty online at https://www.rheemsingapore.com/warranty-registration/.

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