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How To Relax Yourself in the Showers After a Long and Tiring Day

| Wednesday December 15, 2021
A woman having a dry brush before taking a shower

After a long day at work or endless chores at home, you deserve to relax and to release all the tension. But this doesn’t mean you have to rush to the spa to get a massage or even have a bathtub installed in your bathroom. Quite frankly, these two can be costly. Plus, a bathtub might not be logical, considering the space of most HDB flats.

So, what’s the best alternative then?

Three Designer-Approved Bathroom Color Schemes

| Tuesday October 19, 2021
Three designer-approved bathroom color schemes banner

Your brand-new house is finally ready, and you’re wondering what can you do to make your home as comfortable as possible? How will your home look like with different colors? Are you unsure of what colors to choose? 

Let’s take a look.

Colors play a vital role in determining how your home looks, as well as how it makes you feel. Ultimately, it all boils down to your preference and taste on what you want to go for.

Save More, Go Tankless

| Tuesday October 19, 2021
Save more go tankless banner

In this day and age, saving is the name of the game. Save what, you may be wondering? Well, there are many different things that you can save on! In this hectic lifestyle that we live in, a few simple changes can go a long way in helping us to save time. In this period when times can be a tad harsh, there are numerous ways to save money. In addition, with all the environmental issues going on now,

BTO Getting too Small? Make Your Spaces Bigger!

| Thursday September 23, 2021
BTO getting too small make your spaces bigger banner

Due to Singapore’s land scarcity, space is always expensive. In contrast to today, the size of our parents’ homes was considerably more extensive than what we are getting today. We wouldn’t be surprised if our Built-to-Order (BTO) apartments continue to get smaller over time.

Even though we can’t control how much space we can get for our BTO apartments, we can control what happens in the flats. In other words, your BTO apartment can appear larger than it actually is just by using simple tricks to make it feel bigger at home.

How to Create a Warm Environment at Home on Rainy Days

| Thursday September 23, 2021
How to create a warm environment at home on rainy days banner

These days, our lives are becoming increasingly unpredictable. But, guess what? So is the weather! This is because you never know when it is going to rain, even if it is a warm sunny day now. One moment, you are enjoying a hot sunny morning, and before you know it, the very next moment could bring you a heavy downfall and a cold rainy sky. When that happens, it can get really annoying because you have to instantly find ways to create a warm environment at home to keep yourself all snug and comfy.

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