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5 Proven Health Benefits of Hot Shower

| Tuesday August 20, 2019
5 proven health benefits

Whether it is a cold shower or a hot shower that you’re taking, showers are generally great for us. Cold showers, however chilling they can be, are great at “shocking” us awake in the morning when we’re gearing up for a long day of work ahead. On the other hand, hot showers soothe and relax us when we’re exhausted or tensed. Apart from helping us unwind, do you know that hot showers also provide a plethora of health benefits? Find out more:

muscle tension



Working out at the gym or even just simply working can leave our muscles feeling both stiff and sore. Try running warm water for about 10 minutes over the aching parts of your body. You will find that your muscles are more relaxed and loosened, making you feel a whole lot better.

improves blood circulation


Hot showers are proven to help lower blood pressure. This is because hot water can help widen our veins and arteries, therefore, improving our blood circulation. However, just to be extra safe, please consult your doctor about showering with hot water and how it can help in reducing blood pressure.

Reduces stress


A relaxing hot shower is one of the best ways to end a stressful day because it eases both body and mind. This is because the warmth that comes from a hot shower can trigger our brain to produce more “cuddle” or “love” hormones, otherwise scientifically known as oxytocin, which can help in improving our mood and lowering our stress levels.


Don’t we all like our skin to be fresh and clean? Well, good news to us all, as hot showers can give us that extra level of sanitation! This is because most germs and bacteria cannot withstand moderate temperature increases. That is also the reason why it is advised to clean your open wound, if you have any, with warm water as it can help kill harmful microorganisms and speed up the healing process.


Hot showers serve as natural decongestants because the hot steam can help moisturize nasal passages and loosen chest congestion. Hot showers cannot magically heal you, but it can definitely help to make you feel better.

Hot showers can give you the overall relaxing experience you need with the added health benefits. Are you tempted to take a hot shower now? Click here to check out our range of quality water heaters.

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