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Long Term Cost Saving Tips for Your Home

| Tuesday August 3, 2021
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It is no secret that living costs have almost multiplied within the last decade and this impacts heavily on the amount of money that you spend on your home budget. So, it is not surprising that many people out there are always on the lookout for long-term saving tips for their homes.

From buying durable products to reducing electrical usages, there are many ways that you can do to enjoy long-term savings for your home. In this short article, let us share with you a few ways how:

Maximize Laundry Loads

If you have a washing machine at home, you will understand how much time and effort you can save from laundry duties. Hence, because of the sheer convenience that a washing machine can bring, it is not surprising to hear that many households out there use them daily. But do you know how much power your washing machine consumes?

An illustration showing clothes stuffed into a washing machine

To put it across simply, the power consumption of a washing machine, whether on a full load, half load, or a minimal load, consumes a somewhat similar amount of energy. Hence, to maximize energy consumption, you should collect your entire laundry and wash it together, ONCE! This will save up on the electric bill.

Moreover, using a washing machine for smaller laundry batches will put a lot of burden on the machine. In fact, it is common for some manufacturers to provide an estimate on the life cycle of a washing machine, for example, 4 years or approximately 1,000 washes. In this case, since the washing machine is good for approximately 1,000 washes before it breaks down, wouldn’t you want to maximize your washing machine before it breaks down by ensuring every wash load is full?

Proper Use of Air Conditioner

Singapore is a hot country all year round, and many of us are tempted to keep the air conditioner on all day long. However, when doing so, be prepared to see your utility bills shoot through the roof. Moreover, constant operation of your air conditioner may result in faster burnt-out, which means additional cost of repairs.

Does this mean that you should never use your air conditioner at all? What is even the point of installing an air conditioner if you don’t get to use them? Well, it’s not that you shouldn’t use your air conditioners, but rather, knowing how to properly use your air conditioners can go a long way in managing energy consumption. Let us explain how:

The temperature of your air conditioner matters a lot. This is because if the outgoing temperature of the air conditioner is a lot colder, you are, in essence, consuming more energy, which will lead to higher utility bills. If the outgoing temperature of the air conditioner is a lot warmer than the temperature of your external or outdoor surroundings, then what is the point of turning on your air conditioner? Hence, it is recommended to use the air conditioners to shave off 6 to 10°C from your external or outdoor surrounding temperature.

Pro tip: Once the room is cooled down, switch off the air conditioner and use a fan to circulate the cold air around the room.

A hand holding a remote control under a unit of air conditioner

DIYing at Home

The previous two points above are all about ways to save energy from your home appliances such as washing machines or air conditioners. For this point, we shall be covering do-it-yourself (DIY) tips. In case you are wondering what DIY means: DIYing means recycling or repurposing unwanted stuff to transform them into usable items for your home. From clothes and chemicals to furniture and kitchen items, there are several hacks to convert useless junk into useful things for home use.

Home-made stuff is not only cheaper than having to purchase new items, but it also forces you to be creative and think out of the box to see what solutions you can come up with utilizing what you currently have at home. Your house is your personal domain, so it is up to you how you want it to be designed and how you can recycle materials while minimizing your carbon footprint to do your part of the environment. Don’t know where to start? Start by thinking of an issue at home that you would like to address, then take a look around at home to see what are the things that you no longer need, and see how you can repurpose them to address those issues you had in mind. If you need to, simply go onto the internet to get some inspiration!

A note with do it yourself writing on it

Go for Quality Home Appliances

When shopping for home appliances, you can easily choose a cheaply priced product and risk having it break down quickly, or pay more and invest in a quality and durable product that is known to last for many, many years. Water heaters are a noteworthy example to be mentioned here in this regard.

There is no denying that a warm shower can go a long way in helping us to relax and unwind, especially after a long exhausting day at work. Take a trip to your nearest shopping mall and keep a lookout for water heater prices in Singapore, and you can notice that there are many brands out there in the market that can provide you with a warm shower for a cheap price. However, while the upfront costs may be low, there is no guarantee that the instant water heater will last long. Moreover, there is also a risk that safety features are not comprehensive and satisfactory, which could put you and your family members at risk of scalding.

These are exactly the reasons why we suggest spending that extra dollar to go for quality appliances, instead of low-priced products. After all, what you pay for is what you will get; Low-priced products that tend to break down easily can cost more to replace in the long run. The same concept applies to instant water heaters here in Singapore.

If you are on the outlook for instant water heaters, consider Rheem, a brand that arguably produces the best instant water heaters in Singapore. For example, Rheem’s Prestige range of Electric Instant Water Heaters come with a high-quality Incoloy heating element, which is tested to provide rapid heating, can withstand high temperature, and is known to be highly durable. They also come with stainless steel heating chambers, which are known to be able to withstand high temperatures and are very long-lasting. Lastly, the heating element and stainless-steel heating chambers are replaceable, which means that in the unlikely event of a malfunction, you need only to replace the damaged components, instead of having to replace the entire water heater unit. This saves you money (both for the water heater product as well as installation costs) as well as the time (from having to shop for a water heater and to arrange for plumbers to help with installation).

A brochure showing continuous hot water feature of Rheem’s water heater

Want to find out more about Rheem’s Prestige range of Electric Instant Water Heaters? Visit https://www.rheemsingapore.com/products/electric-instant-water-heaters/ now to find out more!

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