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BTO Getting too Small? Make Your Spaces Bigger!

| Thursday September 23, 2021
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Due to Singapore’s land scarcity, space is always expensive. In contrast to today, the size of our parents’ homes was considerably more extensive than what we are getting today. We wouldn’t be surprised if our Built-to-Order (BTO) apartments continue to get smaller over time.

Even though we can’t control how much space we can get for our BTO apartments, we can control what happens in the flats. In other words, your BTO apartment can appear larger than it actually is just by using simple tricks to make it feel bigger at home. From using multifunctional furniture to perhaps a compact electric tankless hot water heater, there are many ways to avoid stuffing your BTO apartment. 

Well, read on to find out more about what are some ways to ensure our space gets more prominent, and that our BTO apartment doesn’t look small and tiny.

1. Vertical Space is Important

Vertical space is still your own space, so why would you leave them left empty? Take advantage of those spaces to avoid having too much clutter on your ground floor. One good way to do that is to build floor-to-ceiling fixtures such as cabinets to achieve this goal. Then, place items that are not frequently used in the top parts of your floor-to-ceiling cabinet to minimize clutter on the floor/ground.

Apart from floor-to-ceiling cabinets, you can also consider the possibility of utilize vertical space through double-decked bunk beds. At the end of the day, the more ground space you reduce, the more area you have for moving about.

A room designed with enough vertical space

2. Use Compact Appliances

When space is such a prized commodity, Singaporeans are always on the lookout for compact-sized appliances instead of huge-sized appliances. After all, if they can serve the same function without having to take up much space, why not?

Well, as an example, let us discuss a common home appliance: water heater in Singapore.

In Singapore, most water heaters are either tank/storage or tankless/instant water heaters. Both storage and instant water heaters provide their own strength and weaknesses. For example, storage water heaters provide excellent water pressure, and can provide hot water to multiple points at home. However, because it comes with a storage tank, storage water heaters are bulky in size.

On the other hand, an electric tankless hot water heater tends to be small and compact in size. Because of its tiny stature. It should not require much space, unlike storage or tank heaters. At the same time, an electric tankless water read on to find out more about what are some ways to ensure our space gets more prominent, and that our BTO apartment doesn’t look small and tiny heater heats water instantaneously, whenever you need it. Hence, you do not need to spend time waiting for water to be heated up, and you never have to worry about running out of hot water. 

Interested to get an electric tankless hot water heater? Well, check out Rheem’s Prestige Platinum electric instant water heater. It is elegantly designed, and comes with a host of features to make it more durable:

  1. The heating chamber is made of stainless-steel, which is the only water heater in the market to do so. Its stainless-steel material is tested to be able to withstand hard water or aggressive bacteria in the water, and is thus resistant to rust.
  2. The heating element is made of Incoloy, which is a superalloy that is known to transfer heat rapidly, withstand high temperature, and is highly durable
  3. The Incoloy heating element and stainless-steel heating chamber are both replaceable, so in the unlikely event of a problem, you only need to replace the faulty parts rather than the entire water heater unit, which could save you time and money.

To learn more about Rheem’s Prestige Platinum Electric Instant Water Heater, click here: https://www.rheemsingapore.com/product/prestige-platinum-instant-shower

A room designed with enough vertical space

3. Mirrors Create Illusion


Mirrors are great at making small areas look more prominent and bigger than it actually is. This is because mirrors can create the illusion of space, giving the impression that a room is more significant than it is. The reflection of light from mirrors will also make the room brighter as a result. So, apart from creating the illusion that a space is bigger than it is, mirrors can also ensure that you look good just before you are about to head out for your day. Now, isn’t mirrors a good deal then?

A rounded mirror reflect the situation inside a room

4. Don’t Stuff Your House

Houses that have clutter around them appear messed up, and there is less space. This is because a poor organizational system can lead to enormous space wastage. This is why home organization is a tedious but necessary task. Thus, if you don’t have cabinets and shelves, you should invest in them so that you can reduce the mess on your floor. As a result, you will be able to decrease clutter and have a larger area for movement.

5. Choose Light Wall Colors

Sometimes, it is all about perception. It is like a psychological game! Unsure what we mean? Well, you can make your BTO look spacious and bigger by smartly choosing lighter colors for your walls. It is a bad idea to paint your home in dark colors because the interior of your home appears smaller, and dark colours can trap heat within the house. Light colors will help you avoid these. The use of light-colored walls can also enhance the feel of serenity in your home and make it appear brighter and spacious. So, the best idea would be to choose light colors for your BTO.

A room with a light color

In conclusion, apart from getting the right water heater in Singapore for your BTO, make sure that you also consider the tips mentioned above. With all these nicely implemented, you can transform your small and tiny BTO apartment into a spacious and comfortable living space! 

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