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4 Long Term Investments for Your Homes

| Friday May 27, 2022

In the process of building and designing our dream homes, there is always a focus on selecting items that suit a particular aesthetic and vibe. And while there are no issues with investing in more affordable home systems and technologies, appliances, and furniture to attain the cohesive look you’re looking for, one factor that should never be compromised on when purchasing any item for your home is quality.

Investing in high-quality, reliable, and durable home systems and technologies, appliances and furniture can not only drastically improve your quality of life but also help you save more money in the long run, as you wouldn’t have to constantly replace these items.

Below are some of the household items that we think are worth investing in:

1. Home Technology

Gone are the days when we only invested in high-tech audio and television systems that could last us years. In recent times, there has been an increasing popularity in purchasing home safety and security systems. These systems include heat, smoke and motion detectors, CCTVs, smart locking systems and many other smart technologies. With smart home technology on the rise, many of these systems can easily be connected to your smartphone, allowing you to check in on your house in case anything arises. Purchasing a home technology system that has a good reputation for being reliable can provide many good years of usage and bring about much more convenience and peace of mind for homeowners.

2. Bed Mattress

One thing that should not be saved on is the mattress you sleep on. The bed is a place where we spend at least 7 hours every day. Thus, since we spend around one-third of our life lying or sleeping on the bed, it’s important to keep your spine in a neutral position to help achieve better sleep and posture. Investing in a mattress that provides you with quality sleep and durability is undoubtedly a great investment. While most mattresses last around 7 to 10 years, investing in a high-quality mattress can potentially extend its lifespan to 15 years. For example, memory foam mattresses tend to last longer than other types of mattresses and can also provide better sleep for most individuals.

3. Floorings

A home’s flooring is especially important. With the constant movement in, out and around the house, the flooring will certainly experience wear, slight scratches, or other defects. To prolong the lifespan of your flooring, a general rule of thumb would be to avoid opting for wood flooring in wet rooms, doing a DIY flooring project to save money, not properly maintaining your flooring, and using the wrong cleaning supplies to clean your floors.

Investing in a high-quality flooring material for your house is definitely a worthwhile decision to not only enjoy a premium feel while walking through your home but also help to save money on constant refurbishments or replacements. Some high-quality flooring options to consider are all-natural woods or marble, granite and slate floorings that have the potential to last approximately hundreds of years depending on the level of maintenance.

While more affordable flooring options are available, such as vinyl flooring or linoleum flooring, these have noticeably shorter lifespans. Another way to extend the lifespan of your floors would be to purchase carpets that can protect the flooring from scratches or stains. However, it should be noted that carpets have a general lifespan of approximately 8 to 10 years assuming that there isn’t very high foot traffic and that the carpet is regularly maintained. Lastly, good quality flooring gives your house a higher evaluation when you decide to sell it and you wouldn’t need to do additional renovations before you do!

4. Water Heaters

The best way to start and end your day is with a relaxing warm shower. Investing in a high-quality water heater can not only provide you with a better shower experience but also allow you to enjoy the many benefits of what a warm or hot shower and bath can offer you.

With traditional and less advanced water heaters, the waiting time for the water to heat up is significantly longer. In addition to this, older water heaters used to experience corrosion and rusting more easily, affecting the lifespan of the water heater drastically.

However, with Rheem’s new, more advanced, and high-quality water heaters, you can rest assured that your house is equipped with the best product in the market. Rheem water heaters are designed to cater to various water heater needs, providing users with reliability, durability and functionality without compromising on aesthetics.

One of the noteworthy features of Rheem water heaters is the self-sacrificing anode rod equipped in the electric storage water heater tanks that helps minimise rusting and corrosion from occurring and damaging the internal tank. The anode rod works as the sacrificial component for storage water heaters as it is the first element to rust or corrode before other parts of the storage tank. It’s made with a steel core wire surrounded and covered by either zinc, magnesium or aluminium which are materials known to prevent corrosion.

With the Xwell Series electric storage water heaters, Rheem’s newest range of electric storage water heaters, you are guaranteed to enjoy the best hot shower experience. Its sleek, sophisticated, and timeless curved design is ideal for every home. The Xwell series was designed to be able to fit into tighter spaces and is perfect for new homes, condominiums, or flats.

The Xwell Cube and Xwell Slim electric storage water heaters are equipped with RheemGlas™ vitreous enamel glasslining coating on the inner tank for added protection against corrosion and feature a RheemHot™ Diffuser that allows users to enjoy longer hot showers. The Xwell Cube and Xwell Slim also have inbuilt safety features to prevent scalding or overheating.

With almost 100 years of experience in the water heating industry, you can trust that Rheem products are able to provide the best value for money in terms of quality, durability and reliability. Consider Rheem when looking for the best, high-quality and long-lasting appliance to improve your home.

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