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Appreciation Dinner and Product Launch

| Monday December 11, 2023

Rheem Singapore held its first major post-pandemic event, an appreciation dinner, on December 7th, welcoming more than 200 dealers, customers, and partners from across different regions. The grand occasion marked a significant milestone for the company, celebrating the year and launching its latest product line, the Royal series of instant electric water heaters.

Excitement thrilled through the InterContinental Hotel as the stage was set for an evening of celebration and anticipation, with an exhibition showcasing Rheem’s history of products displayed within the venue. To kick off the event, Rheem Asia’s General Manager, Steve Li, and Rheem Singapore’s Director of Sales, Wong Chow, warmly welcomed attendees, expressing their heartfelt gratitude for the unwavering support that propelled the company’s success in 2023.

Appreciation Dinner for 2023 at the Intercontinental in Singapore

A palpable energy surged through the venue as the support and love for Rheem is felt through its dealers and contractors. To highlight, Li and Chow then revealed the much-awaited new product of Rheem, comprising three innovative instant electric water heaters: Royal, Royal Plus, and the Royal Platinum.

From L-R: Rheem Singapore’s Director of Sales, Wong Chow; and Rheem Asia’s General Manager, Steve Li 

Rheem’s Latest Instant Electric Water Heater Line, Royal, Royal Plus and Royal Platinum

The vibrant evening unfolded amidst laughter, music, and camaraderie. A delectable dinner, engaging games, such as bingo and guessing games, and meaningful connections fostered a collaborative spirit, paving the path for future success.

Partners and guests from different parts of the region enjoyed the dinner and games.

The festive atmosphere reached its peak as Wong Chow, Director of Sales, and Francis Ooi, Financial Controller of Rheem Singapore, presented exciting prizes to valued partners, further solidifying the company’s appreciation for their contributions and achievements.

From L-R: Wong Chow, Director of Sales, Rheem Singapore; Francis Ooi, Financial Controller, Rheem Singapore; 

As the evening drew to a close, Steve Li, General Manager of Rheem Asia, delivered an inspiring message, igniting enthusiasm and motivation for the year ahead. 

Steve Li, General Manager of Rheem Asia

As the event concluded, guests departed with smiles, taking a piece of the celebration home with them. Rheem Singapore and SEA are excited for 2024, as they will continue to deliver a new degree of comfort across the region.

To learn more, visit the Rheem Singapore website

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