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Instant Tankless Electric Water Heater in Singapore: 3 Features That Are Good to Have

| Tuesday June 22, 2021

In this day and age, a water heater has become a necessity in every modern Singaporean household. But shopping for a water heater isn’t always a straightforward task. In fact, it could get quite overwhelming, especially when there are many different types of water heaters and brands available in the market. 

If you are thinking of upgrading your lifestyle by installing a water heater, there are two broad choices for you, namely an electric storage water heater and an instant tankless electric water heater. Of course, there are other types of water heaters available in the market, such as a solar water heater, but today, we shall only cover all you need to know about shopping for an instant water heater in Singapore, as well as three important features are good for have in your electric instant water heater.

Digital Control

Since time immemorial, humans have a tendency to make use of our creativity and knowledge to improve on our way of life. These technological leaps have revolutionized the world and brought us lots of comfort. Thanks to technological advancements, everybody now expects everything to be easy to use with as many features as possible. The same is true when it comes to an electric instant water heater.

When it comes to shopping for an electric instant water heater, try to shop for a digitally controlled electric water heater, if possible. This is because unlike a manually controlled heater, an instant tankless electric water heater with digital control will allow you to control the temperature of hot water with greater precision. This simply means that instead of manually turning the knob to find your preferred shower temperature, you can simply set your desired temperature.

Built-in Pump

Nobody wants an unpleasant showering experience. After all, a shower is meant to relax you by giving you an amazingly satisfying sensation. For that to happen, it is not enough to just ensure a smooth flow of warm water tickling down your body; you also need excellent water pressure. This is because the strong water pressure can act as a mini massager to help soothe tense muscles from a long day at work.

To enjoy strong water pressure, we would recommend a storage water heater. This is because most storage water heaters are installed close to the ceiling. The higher height allows for water to be “pushed” out of the showerhead, instead of “flowing” out of the showerhead. But storage water heaters require a sizeable space in your bathroom. If space is a constraint your you, then this wouldn’t be a suitable option for you.  

As most apartments in Singapore are not huge, some people may prefer to go for an instant water heater. To solve the problem of water pressure, some manufacturers are producing instant tankless electric water heater with a built-in pump. Since the instant water heater is not installed close to the ceiling, the outgoing pressure is not great. The built-in pump will seek to address this issue by “pushing” the water to the showerhead to create the necessary pressure. This will then improve your shower experience. With great water pressure, this will also allow you to improve the outlook of your bathroom with a rain showerhead. 

Material of Components

Another important feature to consider when shopping for an instant tankless electric water heater is the material of the components. As the good old saying goes: what you pay for is what you’ll get. If a product costs higher than other similar product, it is more likely than not that the manufacturer decides to use only high-quality material in the production process.

One important part of a water heater is the heating chamber, because it must be able to handle high temperatures. Most heating chamber of instant water heaters in Singapore are made of polymer, copper, or stainless steel. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages too. 

An electric instant water heater with a polymer-made heating heater is a good option for you if you are looking for a low-priced electric instant water heater. This is because while polymer tend to cost less than other types of material, it may not be able to handle high temperatures as well as other material types. Copper, on the other hand, is a good conductor of heat but comes with a high price tag. Also, if water is impure, it may quickly damage the heating chamber. 

If you are looking for an electric instant water heater with durable material and reasonable price range, you will not go wrong with one that comes with a stainless-steel heating chamber. Stainless steel is a premium quality material and has the ability to bear high temperatures. It’s the most durable material available and can be used with impure water too.


To sum up, whether coming from an electric water heater or solar water heater, hot showers can do wonders for you. If you are looking for an electric instant water heater, do consider one that comes with the above features, as they can give you maximum pleasure while ensuring long lasting performance. If you are looking for a reliable instant tankless electric water heater in Singapore, Rheem’s Prestige Platinum Instant Water Heater is just the right one for you as it comes with a digital control, a built-in pump, as well as quality materials such as a stainless-steel heating chamber. To find out more about the Prestige Platinum Electric Instant Water Heater, click here now: https://www.rheemsingapore.com/product/prestige-platinum-instant-shower.


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