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RCY Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heater

  • 10-30 Liter Storage Capacity
  • High Impact Resistance ABS Body
  • Pressure Relief Valve with Built-in Check Valve
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  • Rheem’s RCY Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heater is equipped with a high impact resistance ABS body for added durability and long-lasting performance. This ensures that this tank water heater can last for many years, giving you more bang for your buck!
  • Exclusive vitreous enamel coating on the inner walls of the tank water heater, helping it to resist corrosion in the inner tank to ensure long-lasting performance
  • Self-sacrificing resistored anode rod to counter aggressive water in the storage water heater. This means that bacteria in the water will attack the resistored anode rod first instead of the inner walls of the storage water heater. This will then lead to prolonged lifespan of your water heater shower
  • Rheem’s RCY Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heater is equipped with a high-density CFC free polyurethane foam with epoxy coated jacket for superior heat retention. This helps to keep heated water warm in the storage tank, thus reducing heating time and increase energy savings, resulting in smaller monthly bills for you.
  • Pressure relief valve added with a built-in check valve for added safety to help prevent excess build-up pressure in the inner tank, allowing you to shower in peace knowing that your water heater shower will not explode due to excessive pressure
  • Adjustable immersion thermostat with thermal cut out so that you can set your desired heating intensity, and shower without having to worry about scalding yourself
  • Our enamel water connection helps to protect the pipes from rust, ensuring quality performance for many years to come
  • On/off indicator lights to indicate the operating status of the tank water heater. This tells you in a simple manner if the storage water heater is in operation, providing you with a great user experience tremendously!
  • A high performance incoloy 84-immersion heating element ensures that your storage water heater is able to provide fast heating, protection heating element from rust, and withstand high temperatures. This certainly makes the RCY Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heater one of the best tank water heaters in Singapore. Highly recommended!

Capacity (Litres)101530
Voltage230V -50/60Hz
Max Working Temperature75°C
Max Working Pressure0.8MPa (8 bar)
Ingress ProtectionIPX4
Heating ElementIncoloy
Product Dimension365 x 364 x 293mm395 x 395 x 338mm445 x 445 x 383mm

Spare Parts: 1 Year

Inner Tank: 5 Years

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