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Storage Tank

Storage Tank

  • 80, 115, and 175-Gallon Capacities
  • Unique steel formulation with high temperature porcelain enamel maximizes corrosion resistance and results in a superior tank design.
  • Heavy duty magnesium anode rod(s) installed for longer life.
  • Rigid 2" polyurethane foam insulation provides superior insulating qualities and results in reduced operating costs.
  • Our patented process of injecting foam into the insulating cavity adds additional durability and toughness to the baked enamel steel outer jacket.
  • Circulating line connections and hot outlet are 2" NPT on the ST80 and ST120 and 2-1/2" NPT on the ST175.
  • Other openings are provided for relief valve and temperature control. ST175 equipped with a hand-hole cleanout.
  • All commercial storage tank models are certified to ASME boiler and pressure vessel code standards.
  • Low lead compliant.
  • 80, 115, and 175-Gallon Capacities
  • 5-Year Limited Tank Warranty
  • Unique Steel Formulation
  • Heavy Duty Magnesium Anode Rod

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