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Prestige Plus Instant Water Heater

  • Temperature accuracy (+/- 1°C) at steady state
  • Whisper quiet DC pump (on select models)
  • Continuous hot water
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  • 3-in-1 Rheem compact valve - open/close valve, prevent backflow of water and protect main supply from contamination so that you can shower comfortably knowing that the hot water is clean. This is especially crucial because it is always important to keep your body clean at all times!
  • Rheem's Prestige Plus Electric Instant Water Heater can also provide you with a comfortable shower with consistent outgoing temperature. This means no more sudden change in water temperature! 
  • A total of 6 spray modes to give you a variety of hot shower experiences. This means that there is surely a spray mode to fit everybody’s shower preferences at home! 


  • Comes with a software to avoid overheating, making this one of the best water heaters in Singapore when it comes to safety.
  • Water temperature sensors are included at both the inlet and outlet to ensure that the outgoing water temperature is always at your desired setting. Now, with this water heater shower, you can enjoy a warm shower knowing that the temperature will remain consistent throughout
  • Splash-proof case with IP25 protection to protect the internal electrical components of the water heater from water seepage, thus ensuring that your instant water heater doesn’t give you a rude electrical shock when you are showering!

Peace of Mind:

  • Includes a durable and long lasting incoloy heating element to provide you with hot showers for many years. Practicality at its best!
  • To provide protection against corrosion and rust for long lasting performance, the Prestige Plus Electric Instant Water Heater comes with a stainless-steel heating chamber. This gives you excellent peace-of-mind because now you know how durable this electric tankless water heater is!
  • If ever, in the unlikely event that the durable incoloy heating element or stainless-steel heating chamber becomes faulty, you can just replace the faulty parts instead of the entire water heater. This saves you time and money from having to shop for and install a brand-new water heater unit!

Spare Parts: 2 Years

Inner Tank: 6 Years

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