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RH188 Electric Instant Water Heater

RH188 Electric Instant Water Heater
  • Water heater produces hot water instantly so you can enjoy a hot shower without having to wait for water to be heated up, nor worry about ever running out of hot water
  • 3-in-1 compact valve to allow for easy control of water flow
  • Large and smooth temperature control knob for easy grip and precise temperature control
  • Three different spray modes to give you a variety of shower experiences
  • Copper heating element to provide rapid heat transfer


  • Built-in power protection to ensure power does not surge and cause
  • Dual Temperature Cut-off to prevent overheating and scalding
  • IP25 Protection to ensure internal electrical components do not get splashed by water
  • Casing designed to be non-flammable and self-extinguishing to provide protection against fire

Peace of Mind

  • All-in-One Hydraulic Structure to minimize points of vulnerability to ensure long lasting performance

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