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EHG Slim Classic Electric Storage Water Heater

EHG Slim Classic Electric Storage Water Heater

  • Rheem’s EHG Slim Classic Electric Storage Water Heaters are designed to be slim and compact so that they can be an ideal fit for small bathrooms with limited ceiling space, like what most condominiums and HDB apartments have today
  • Universal bracket designed to be universal to make mounting and installation simple and easy
  • Service panel of the storage water heaters can be placed on either side of the tank water heater. This provides you with greater flexibility when it comes to installation, as well as easy access during maintenance and servicing
  • Walls in the inner tank comes with exclusive vitreous enamel coating to protect them from rust and corrosion. With this additional layer of protection, the tank is less likely to leak, thus ensuring you with years of worry-free warm showers
  • To counter the aggressive water and increase the lifespan of the storage water heater, Rheem’s EHG Slim Classic Electric Storage Water Heaters are equipped with self-sacrificing magnesium anode rods. This ensures that the water heater price that you are paying for is worthwhile because your water heater can last you well for many, many years
  • Comes with CFC-free polyurethane foam and epoxy coated jacket to ensure superior heat retention and an overall reduction in heating time. With this, you do not have to spend too much time waiting for water to be heated up
  • Built-in pressure relief valve to prevent any excessive pressure from building up in the inner tank. This safety features can help to minimize the chances of your tank water heater from exploding due to excessive pressure
  • Rheem’s EHG Slim Classic Electric Storage Water Heaters are well equipped with thermal cut-outs to automatically stop heating in case of a component malfunction. This means that this tank water heater suitable for families with young children showering on their own because you do not have to worry about your loved ones being scalded in the shower
  • Adjustable immersion thermostat to allow you to control how hot you want your storage water heater to be
  • Water connection pipes with comes with enamel coating for protection against corrosion, ensuring you do not have to replace pipes very often
  • Indication of operating status of water heater displayed through an on/off indicator lights feature. This enhances the user experience, allowing users to know, at a glance, if the storage water heater is on or off
  • Equipped with a high-performance Incoloy 840 immersion heating element. Incoloy is known to withstand high temperature, provide rapid heat transfer, and is highly durable
  • Packed with premium features, making this one of the best water heaters in Singapore

Tank CapacityLitres254055
Stainless Steel ElementVoltage220V - 240V
Operating Weight (Kg)416178
Heater Dimension(mm)Diameter340340340
Preset Temp °C60
Approx. Heat up Time to 60°C (Mins)223447


*Approximate time taken to heat up to 60°C at inlet water temperature of 25°C. All connection in 1/2" BSP thread



Rheem EHG 3D Product Animation Video (Singapore)

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