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RFA Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heater

RFA Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heater
  • Slim and compact in design, this sleek-looking storage water heater is ideal for condominiums or BTO HDB bathrooms with tight ceiling space
  • Rheem’s RFA Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heaters come with an exclusive vitreous enamel coating to provide an additional layer of protection on the inner walls of the tank water heater. This can help the storage water heater resist corrosion, thus making it more reliable and durable. Indeed, for the water heater price that you are paying for, you are getting more bang for your buck
  • Self-sacrificing resistored magnesium anode rod inserted into the tank water heater to counter aggressive water. This means that the anode rod will sacrifice itself by corroding itself to prevent rust on the inner walls of the storage water heater. This will then prolong the lifespan of your storage water.
  • High-density and CFC-free polyurethane foam with epoxy coated jacket to help retain heat, leading to reduced heating time and enhanced energy efficiency
  • Pressure relief valve with built in check valve to prevent excessive build-up pressure in inner tank. This keeps you and your loved ones safe because your tank water heater will not explode due to excessive pressure
  • Equipped with an adjustable high precision thermostat with thermal cut off. In the event of a malfunction, Rheem’s RFA Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heater will stop heating after reaching a pre-set temperature. This helps to protect you and your loved ones from being scalded by the hot water.
  • To ensure quick discharge of water, there is a separate water outlet for this tank water heater unit
  • On/off indicator lights to indicate the operating status of the storage water heater. This feature provides you with a layer of safety by letting you know if the tank water heater is turned on or not. 
  • High performance Incoloy 840 immersion heating element to provide fast heating, protect heating element from rust, and withstand high temperature

    Capacity (Litres)20
    Voltage220-240V - 50/60Hz
    Max Working Temperature75°C
    Max Working Pressure0.8MPa (8 bar)
    Ingress ProtectionIPX4
    Heating ElementIncoloy
    Product Size606 x 303 x 345mm

    Product Info

    Spare Parts: 1 Year

    Inner Tank: 5 Years

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