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Should I Wash My Hair with Hot or Cold Water?

| Tuesday November 12, 2019
Should I Wash My Hair with Hot or Cold Water?

Having healthy hair is always a great thing to have.

This is why we have so many hair products in the market to help us in our regular shower routines.

Suppose you try a handful of hair products such as shampoos and conditioners, but you still find your hair dry, frizzy, and nothing like what you expect it to be. What then? Well fret not, for not all hope is lost. This is because while it’s important to use the right products for your hair, it is equally important to know when to use cold or hot water for your hair. Yes! Believe it or not, water temperature has an effect on our hair when we take a shower!

Before going into the nitty-gritty details, the short answer is that both hot and cold water can have their fair share of benefits and drawbacks. Let’s find out more:

Cold Water

Cold showers can be uncomfortable especially in cold mornings. But on top of being uncomfortable, cold showers can actually reduce the volume of your hair which can make it look dense. If you have naturally thin hair, it may be best to cut down on cold showers.

Now, you may think that cold water spells bad news for your hair, but you couldn’t be more wrong, because cold water can actually make your hair shinier and reduce frizz. This is because cold water can help seal your hair cuticles and pores after your hair is washed. Opened hair cuticles and pores are ideal when you are shampooing and conditioning your hair, but you need to seal them with cold water when you’re done. Apart from locking in moisture from your conditioner, closing your hair cuticles and pores with cold water will help to prevent grease, oil, and dirt from entering your scalp. In short, washing your hair with cold water can go a long way in helping to keep your hair hydrated and strong.

But that’s not all! Cold water can improve the overall blood circulation in your scalp. This is because when you shower with cold water, your blood has a tendency to move faster and your capillaries will widen in order to keep you warm. This will then lead to reduced hair loss, which is another reason why cold water is good for those with thinner hair.

Hot Water


hot water for hair

If cold water can help to keep your hair strong, does it mean that hot water can cause your hair to break easily? Well, in short, that is true. This is because hot water can dehydrate your scalp and take away the good natural oils which help to prevent your hair from breakage, leaving your hair overly porous.

Hot water can also weaken your hair roots, especially if the temperature of the water used is very hot. This can cause a lot of problems later on because weakened roots can make your hair curl, which could then turn into frizzy hair, or even be the cause of premature graying hair.

Moreover, if you have colored hair, it might be best if you stay away from hot water in order to keep the color intact. The heat can lift the outer layer of your hair which results in your hair color to fade out quicker.

In spite of this, hot water does have its merits in helping to clean your hair better. If cold water can close hair cuticles and pores, hot water can open them. Basically, what this means is that with hot water, it will be easier for you to remove dirt, oils and any nasty build-up in your opened hair cuticles and pores when you are shampooing and conditioning your hair. With your cuticles and pores opened, your hair will be able to better absorb the nutrients from your shampoo and conditioner.

In addition, hot water can also dissolve hair products faster due to heat. This can be especially helpful if, after a long day at work, you are trying to wash away hair products that you had applied during the day.

The Verdict

With both methods laid at the table, the best way to wash your hair still consists of using both methods: use hot water first then finish up with cold water. This way, you can get both the important benefits of each method. By using hot water first, you can dissolve existing hair products and clean your hair, while opening up your hair cuticles and pores, which can aid you when you start to lather your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Then by using cold water, you can seal back the hair cuticles and pores, and to lock in the moisture to keep your hair healthy, shiny, and frizz-free.

Because everyone has different hair types and styles, there is no one absolute method when it comes to washing your hair. Using the right hair products is important, but sometimes, it also boils down to showering with the right temperature. When it comes to adjusting water temperatures to your needs, you can turn your trust to Rheem’s Instant Water Heaters. Known as the water heating experts with over 1 million water heaters installed across ASEAN, you can trust Rheem to deliver you with quality water heating solutions to help you achieve the healthy hair you desire when you shower.

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